Helping organisations to improve customer engagement, service quality & operational effectiveness. Below is our Service Suite.

strategic priorty

Strategic Priority Analysis

Tells you exactly which elements of customer service to focus your attention on, run in parallel with the level of effort (Cost, Time, Risk) from your organisation to maintain and improve these elements.

sentiment analysis

Text and Sentiment Analysis

Provides analysis of the narrative given in feedback from customers so that you are able to understand and match their expectations, develop new services with them and to see what effect your changes are having on the way customers feel about your service and products.

tipping point analysis

Customer Tolerance Analysis

When does customer tolerance run out and customers escalate the issues, and more importantly when do they decide to go on to social media and tell the world about it!

culture index

Culture Index Analysis

Allowing global, regional and country level managers to fully understand the differences given in customer feedback due to culture and language.

marketing dashboard

Dashboards and KPI’s

Track KPI’s across your customer dashboard on an on-going live basis. Ensure your Managers are aware of the knock on changes and improvements you make to your service delivery and customer engagement strategies.

internal benchmarking


Benchmark either your own internal teams, products, services, regions or countries, or benchmark yourself against your peers and competitors.

Over 25 Languages

Bespoke reporting and analysis

Real Time Web reporting

5 Stage Escalation process

Call recording

Industry leading results