surveys for marketing
Surveys (by Phone/email/TXT/QR)

Marketii’s unified solutions allow for either single method of surveying or a complete blend of the most appropriate survey methodology to capture the insight you require. We work with you to understand who the possible respondents are and the best fit of methodology to capture the best insight. All of these solutions are unified to enable a fantastic flow of data to and from our systems through file transfers or API data flow.

multi country survey
Languages / Countries

Marketii is the leading company in providing global coverage for your survey programs. We currently work in over 35 native languages and surveying across over 90 countries. If working on phone method of capture then our experienced staff are all NATIVE language speakers, thus enabling higher forms of insight and response rates as well as being able to understand local cultural nuances.

Our phone staff have an average age of 38 and most qualified to at least degree level, others with Masters and Phd’s. So they have experiences in their own lives to enable better understanding of what world class service should look and sound like to help our clients better understand their customers.

Our language staff are also heavily involved with all other automated survey methods such as email, sms, QR to aid in translations, testing and importantly understanding of the feedback given by customers so that we can interpret the insight in the best way and fully understand any of the differences we see across the globe in terms of expectations, opportunities and importance of the services you provide.

From our research we are the only company that can provide you with a Culture Index to quantify the differences seen across the countries to aid international managers to read their results in a much more informed light.

alert systems
Escalation / Alert System

Marketii provide clients with a number of solutions tailored to your requirements. We can provide everything from immediate 5 type multi-directional notification alerts triggered by set parameters of ratings, through to a full Escalation Management System that enables staff to annotate records with status updates and Managers to track open alerts and outcomes. Its not all about what is not working or where gaps are, but also to praise and raise the bar with the hardworking great staff you have within your business.

The systems are all part of our integrated solutions and come as part of our services

recorded calls for marketing
Call Recording

Integrated into Marketii solutions is a wonderful call recording system that allows us to record our phone surveys with your customers (where permission given). This allows you as users of our reporting suite to listen/download/send recordings enabling staff and managers to better understand the customers view points, take decisive action where needed, utilize and understand best practice and recognize and reward fantastic staff.

The recordings, often used in conjunction with escalation alerts will allow you to better gauge the customer insight, sometimes where they are going into technical details and allow setting the scene and having plans in place for when calling the customer back to address things.

marketing reports
Realtime reporting

Marketii has an amazing suite of real-time online reporting tools. Ranging from extensive dashboards through to individual reports that can be “pushed” to the managers anywhere, anytime and in any format required.

The reporting portal will be tailored to meet with your exact requirements and is flexible in approach and very intuitive to use.

Reporting areas can be restricted to differing levels or regions for example or a full all viewing aspect, its up to you.

Reports / Presentations / Workshops

With many clients we provide monthly reports leading up to quarterly or 6 monthly presentations and workshops. These are either done live online or face to face dependent on requirements. Breaking the data down into people, process, product, service etc allows these meetings to develop the insight, discuss findings and turn the data into action items, initiatives and opportunities.

Frequency, scope and ideas are all tailored to meet with your requirements and bring out the best in the insight to help develop the customer ethos within your organization.