B2B Relationship Discover the "moment of truth"


Discover the optimal point at which your clients will resign or repurchase from you!! These In-depth professional surveys to the decision makers and key buyers are carried out in conversations with the major decision makers... read more Imagine if you could measure the loyalty of your clients, obtain feedback from key decision makers on your performance and receive detailed reports that clearly identify how they feel about your business. Our B2B relationship programme allows you to collect strategic feedback that helps you to better understand the needs and requirements of your clients. We will talk to a range of influencers and key decision makers within your client’s organisation so you have a clear picture of how to form and keep the best relationships with them. We will also give you the best angle from which to communicate with your client and the timing of this interaction. Too much contact can annoy the customer, too little and you may miss the opportunity. In addition, the customer can provide feedback on your sales and service managers and their performance. When asked by an independent company, clients open up their views on a wider range of areas and provide more insightful feedback. It is also advisable to measure the strength of client relationships at regular intervals, on a quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis.

Our B2B Relationship programme will help you:

  • Increase B2B retention
  • Reveal upsell opportunities
  • Give you the strategic intelligence to make changes based on the voice of the clients
  • Save your at-risk clients
  • Our alert escalation tool automatically emails client issues to the right teams or individuals so you can react promptly