Service Quality Audits Discover what your customers expect.


Most organisations we talk to either are running their own customer satisfaction programs or have one of our competitors providing it for them. Market ii offers a service where were can come in to your business and “audit” both your Service and Satisfaction monitoring programs. Areas to review and audit include but not limited to:

  • Survey methodology – Are you using the most productive methodology
  • Sampling / statistical confidence – Are you speaking to the right people and the right amount of customers
  • Survey scripting – Is your script providing you with actionable outcomes or just nice to know data
  • Analytics – If your scripting is wrong then your output will be limited
  • Reporting – Do you receive reporting when you need it and in a useable format that can help drive your business ?
  • Dashboards and KPI’s - do your dashboards cover the right elements that can be affected by you and tracked at the right frequency
  • Customer alerts – Do you receive 5 stage customer alerts informing you instantly around customers in need of further support, customers who want to buy more products & services and being alerted about customers who will be advocates of your business and tell the world about it!
  • Call recording – should the surveys be done by telephone, do you receive call recordings and especially for customer alerts.
  • Service Quality Workshops – Market ii’s Service Suite embed service quality and satisfaction as a mind-set with our current clients. We run service workshops to share best practice, work on actionable outcomes

With all of the above and more, why not ask Market ii in to help you discover if you are doing the right thing???

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