Customer Experience and Service Quality Surveys Phone, Web/Email, SMS


Customers repurchase products and services from Companies that provide an exceptional service both when things go right and wrong; those that listen attentively to their customer’s needs and respond decisively and rapidly to make things better. We specialise in assessing, monitoring and reporting on how customers feel about your service, products and services. We speak with them on a range of subjects to gain meaningful and insightful views. Our solutions will help you increase customer satisfaction, customer retention and customer loyalty. We have the experience of engaging the whole organisation, starting at the executive level through to the rest of your organization so that everyone embraces the customer experience that the company is aiming for. There may be gaps between customer expectations and the customer experience you are delivering. The gap is only a problem if you are unaware of it but our customer satisfaction programme will help you first find these gaps and then illustrate where they are, the reasons for them and the best way to close them.

We help organizations improve their customer experience by:

  • Developing customer satisfaction programmes that deliver powerful insights. We will enable you to hear the voice of the customer
  • Establishing customers’ expectations and the best way to meet them
  • Determining the optimal point of satisfaction to repurchase new products or renew contracts
  • Providing online reporting to your organisation on how it is performing at any given time. You can monitor customer opinions on the services that you deliver in real time
  • Providing detailed feedback and action plans that lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Providing internal and external benchmarking reports that would help establish best practice
  • Our permanent email alert system will allow you to react quickly to unsatisfied customers and take action to meet their needs

What sets us apart from others is that we are genuinely passionate about customer experience and we would tailor our solutions to your needs. We think you’ll love our catching enthusiasm.

Features of any program can include but not limited to:

  • Real-time web based reporting
  • Dashboards and KPI's
  • Exec level In-depth reporting
  • Consulting and audit
  • Workshops
  • Strategic priority analysis
  • Text analytics
  • Call recording
  • 5 stage Action alert escalations
  • Tipping point tolerance analysis
  • Cultural index analysis
  • Benchmarkingrelationship surveys have allowed companies a view of their own business relationships and hoe two way partnerships can work better